"Business is warfare."

~ The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Welcome to the Justice Or Else Business Scope!

Now that you have joined the movement it’s time for us to get serious about black business. If you own a business now is the time to join together with other black businesses and create a network of black excellence. We are offering a free 15 minutes of advertising your business to thousands.

The #JOEBizScope will use the platform known as Periscope, which allows users the opportunity to go live before an audience that tunes into their live scope. This is basically a LIVE COMMERICAL!! The #JOEBizScope will allow Black Businesses to advertise themselves using what is called pass the scope.

The key organizer will schedule the businesses in 15 minute increments to allow each business an opportunity to talk about what they offer & how people can support their business. It is suggested that you use the first 7-10 minutes to explain your business and leave the remaining time to answer questions from the live audience.

How to Join

  1. Apply by filling out our #JOEBizScope Application
  2. Sign up for the periscope app with your business name
  3. Follow Justice Or Else Mvmt on Periscope
  4. You will receive a call from one of our #JOEBIZScope key organizers for a phone interview
  5. Once approved you’ll sign up for a time slot to present your business to thousands

1) Fill out the application

  • Brief phone interview
  • 15 Minute Free Advertising
  • Next Step

2) Sign Up To Newsletter

  • Stay Connected
  • Always Informed
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3) Follow on Periscope

  • Join for Free
  • Follow JusticeOrElse Mvmt
  • Be Ready

Frequently Asked Questions