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Justice For Breonna Taylor! Tamika Mallory Blasts AG Daniel Cameron ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Comment on Facebook Activist Tamika ...

Chemical warfare. The marijuana that is smoked today is addictive and FULL of chemicals. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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What is the new weed made of?

Charyl Williams

All marijuana is addictive and full of chemicals.

The Perfect Sacrifice ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

What is the motive? ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Scripture says that Jesus will always carry the scars of His crucifixion so we will know it is Him. He also said upon His second coming the dead will be risen. Elijah said Fard told him he was God... Elijah said Fard is God... Farrakhan prays to Fard and calls Fard God. Fard Muhammad bore no scars of crucifixion. Fard Muhammad has physically lived and died... no miracles or events appeared during Fard's life as described in scripture. Upon Jesus second coming the dead would be risen for judgement... this did not happen with Fard.

True speech..


"Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney said you have no rights that a White man is bound to respect. So the whipping winds, Mr. Trump is stirring them up and the whipping on you is going to keep going until you say to God: “I’m ready God to obey you. I know you want what is best for me and if you want to give me land that we can be free, I’m with you.”" -- The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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4 days ago

Comment on Facebook "Supreme Court Chief...


“The only reason the prophets said that there will be a day of judgement is because the people have not received justice.”
-The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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4 days ago

"A history of killing, abusing and experimenting on Black people, more doubts and questions about Covid-19 vaccine trials and safety; Black America can accept vaccines and treatments vetted by sources we investigate and trust."

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5 days ago

Comment on Facebook "A history of ...

The atrocities are unbelievable.

Don't get know shot

When The U S Justice Department Fails To Prosecute White Officers ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Comment on Facebook A video clip from ...

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Well by Jesus telling her to go and sin no more...meant he was not pleased at her sin.. so he want you to help pp out of their sin, but don't criticize...because we all have come short in some point of our lives...


The would needs to know

Part 2... Justice Or Else‼️ ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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We have courts with out power justice can't be served unjustices is another way to in slave black people no justice no peace.

God is love, but he loves not the wicked



Your god is called satan

A war lord

Oh my God we need you

No voice of god God is love


We want equal rights under the law and if we can not get it the courts need to close from To10pm no one should enter the building block. Chain the doors padlock if you have to.they break the laws of the people now the people is breaking there laws.

That is what they doing it is unfair to keep watching our people die and no reason why they should the depopulating that have too many damn excuses so for life for life when it starts changing over when we start reacting how we react then they think we're really f****** crazy but they trying to force and pushed us against the wall to do what they want us to do that vaccination shot mr. Farrakhan yes I'm not taking that as a hidden agenda my mama said the mark of the beast she's not on this Earth anymore but she said white men always going to try to force you to do something you don't want to do don't be like no other sheep and follow them cuz they Jen assassin I love you Mr Farrer cuz I always thought you was a positive man and you the number one man I see that makes me smile keep it up

I’m a Christian I believe in Jesus I do not believe in Islam

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Justice Or Else‼️ ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Do you know that Taylor had a dead body in her car how innocent is she is does Muslim teach to murder people do Allah teach you to kill and murder innocent people

Vengeance is mine says the lord!

Vengeance Is Mine said the LORD !!! What a man Sow, Shall he also Weep !!!

Nothing you are doing it yourself. Sorry the truth hurts.


Preach on, thank you so it can be heard.


Talk to the people Soldier.


The devil is coming for you


Let's the truth reveal


The Justice department only protect the elites like Hillary Clinton!

The Minister Speaks The Truth

Teach us history,but not to be angry about it,teach ushow to be humble knowing our values and these albinus whites are protecting their declining race and teach blacks how to get around it cause it ain't gone change but we can teach our youngins to be better equipped

Love when farrakhan speaks still wait n on my ppl to wake up and to rise the fuck up!!!



Shut every court house door. And get answer.



Leila Joyce West

Everything I read in the bible tells us to submit please do this using scripture.

These are truly the most evil looking people I've seen yet.. You all need JESUS!!

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Louis Farrakhan on CNN's Larry King Live After The Million Man March

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan interviewed with CNN's Larry King on the show "Larry King Live" after hosting the historic Million Man March on October 16, 1995 in Washington, D.C. This interview took place that same day.

October 16, 2020 marks our 25th Anniversary.
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1 week ago

Let’s not depend on others and let’s create jobs for ourselves. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Ridiculous... black people built everything because white people didn't know how... couldn't use a hammer... lol. Free Masons... experts in architecture! Egyptians... experts in architecture! Mayans and Aztecs... experts in architecture! All nations had experts... all cultures developed their own brilliant styles. As long as Farrakhan and those filled with hate like him continue to deceive... peace and harmony will be elusive.

Deceptive Politricks ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Crime you like


Now you want to talk about it when he was vice president he was your hero he could do no wrong him and Obama was God

Nation of Islam Flag Raising Ceremony (The Criterion - July 4, 2020) ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Comment on Facebook This is recently ...

Let’s #RedistributeThePAIN through Economic Withdrawal!! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

The True History of Jesus ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

“Our unity is more powerful than an atomic bomb.”
-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
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2 weeks ago

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The doors to wisdom are never shut

Self respect unity and economics


Knowledge is power and with that knowledge we should unify. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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How can I listen to the entirety of this speech.



Thank you

Know it's to stop lying

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Femininity is a strength for women, not a weakness. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Waliyyah Muhammad 😍😍😍

Probably Stoned

Rosa Harris-Anderson

There is always that one individual that has to be negative in a positive post. Smh. Anyway, beautiful sisters

So true

Abused women

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The power of the Black dollar and land of our own.
#TheBlackDollar #Farrakhan
... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Minister Farrakhan This brainwash pagan Holiday making the people who created this lie Richer I agree stop lying you work hard to make sure your children are takin care of throughout the year No fat white man in a Red and white suit coming down in your chimney landing in your living room And leaving in his reindeer Bentley Spend time with your Family and Friends explain to them about all these Pagan Holidays and Thank the Most High that he allowed us to come together❤️

Have that money you're talking about as government assistance

You want liberation from your enemy but look your children in the face lie to them about Christmas Santa brought you a gift instead saying you are a gift I love you .

Im not asking 444 ish!WE got land!WE OWN Alaska!

Hello People


Kevin Paillere


Edward Turner II Sylvia Turner

3rd times the charm $

You can't even keep 5 million children in Africa from dying of hunger so how are you going to do this


This dude just as bad as anyone trying to kill us still teaching this jesus bullshit. He says some good things that people want to hear but he's not really doing much of anything but using that religion and religious bullshit to hide behind. So basically he says good things in the moment but then still leads them to the ends of the earth to fall off

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Photos from The Million Man March's post ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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The history behind the Washing Mall and message to the youth. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

"As Trump administration, some Black groups and organizations push controversial Covid-19 vaccine and clinical trials, a backlash has come from Blacks who reject rush for quick fix to a deadly crisis."

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2 weeks ago

We are living in a great and dreadful day. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2743970569171791

We lv u Minister Farrakhan....

Why he use the bible if he said is corupted

Scripture says nothing about Jesus sending a prophet before His second coming (Bible). He says it is He Himself that will return like a thief in the night. He says no one will know that time... not even He... only the Father knows. The Quran is not the word of God, or does it represent God. God says that He and His Word... the Bible... is the Alpha and Omega... the beginning and the end. God says anyone that adds or takes away from it... will be severely punished. Lastly, Elijah Muhammad is no true prophet... he bore false witness. Fard Muhammad was / is not Jesus or God! Proof he was not... he bore no scars of the crucifixion. Scripture says Jesus will eternally bare those scars so we will know it is He. Satan uses race as a great weapon to destroy hearts. God said he created every nation, every man... from one man... and ALL who believe in Jesus are as one.

Killer of people you don't know.

Angelic Trinity

Be quiet Satan this is a Christian country

The Truth

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What is meant by 10,000 fearless men and women?
#Farrakhan #JusticeOrElse
... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2743302179238630


This is a dictator. He wants a communist country. So he can tell you what to do how to live

That's a lie they kill there own that a fact and truth



If you're so interested in the fruits of Islam why don't you carry your ass back home where you belong

Remember brothers and sisters John 316

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Extract what is within and bring it out to the glory of God. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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i am ✋ Man

That tight a dog is a dog and a man is a man can't change that.


War lord

Racist hate monger

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Where are we (Black people in America) at in scripture? ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Love Minister Louis Farrakhan. This man of God speaks the truth. Yes, we (blacks) are the Alpha and Omega.

I agree in a sense but they clearly are like sheep not knowing the bible was talking about Moses and Hebrews lollllll I'm dead. They literally are believing this is only a thjng to us. Hebrews crossed the red sea after this400 years. They don't read their Bible.

A lot of ears are ringing from this.

We are in the beginning the middle and the end of the Bible

I always enjoy the speeches..

He's crazy as he can be. He interprets the scriptures to fit his needs.

This is a wonderful Minister i am listening to him this morning his speech was alsome.

#20/20vision 🌑

We not trying to do nothing

So you people think that our lord JESUS christ. Only sees black people.?? God only sees black people?? If THAT'S true what's the reason for heaven. What's the reason to get you here from you beautiful country Africa would he not just bless you there. Im just asking because I know we all will be together with JESUS if we are sacred and baptize in the nome of JESUS christ..

That’s talking about Jewish people since Abraham was the father of the Jewish nation

That passage is about human spirituality as is the entire Bible from beginning to end.

That is not true.. God was talking about the Hebrews being inslaved in Egypt and again inslaved by Babylon for another 400 yrs

You are absolutely right that's real GOD told Abraham this because he knew what he have allow his people to go through that may be worthy of such great inheritance

And it’s dawning on me that the revelation of the scripture is to the true children of God! Including all the African Blacks with their American Brothers! But wait a minute! Who among the blacks leaders today can confront their colonial masters of whom they are still dancing to their tune a Clear truth like this man! We as Blacks all over the world should come together and Pray and Resist every effort of the dominating power of resistance that the so-called white supremacy will bring! Because they will definitely resist our freedom just as Pharaoh resisted the first Israelis!

The Bible says study to show yourself approved the scripture that he's referring to does not say anything like that go read it for yourself

Since the Bible is naught but allegory, he may be on to something. Kemet (Ancient Egypt) never enslaved the Hebrews or anyone. The Washington DC was built to mimic the temples in Kemet, and we were enslaved here. The 'red sea' could mean the Atlantic Ocean where so many were dumped into the sea during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. I don't go in for religion, but this is something to think about.

Judgment day is coming

Trying to survive FOR A BLACK MAN. I was Born from a MIX woman & MIX MAN WHICH INCLUDES WHITE,BLACK, INDIAN, AND Portuguese, I HAVE GROWN UP WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL Race ,culture and religion, We played together, we eat together, we swim together, we studied together, I am just trying so hard to understand and to explain why we the blacks are the way we are, our fathers was place with chain on his feet hands and neck to do work to make the White rich our mothers was rapped and had to work and clean the white peoples house and business, our ancestors had to Baer the lashes kicks and cuffs from the white masters, just to live a next day. aren’t we shouldn’t be grateful to be where we are today and try our best to love and care for each other, I say yes and yes again theirs gonna be people that will try so hard to remand us of who we were but remembering who we were is what will put fear into our minds, we have and will always have the strength to build and if others had used us before to become where they are today why can’t we be the same place as our ancestors masters were before using our strength to build their richness? Omg my brothers and sisters it’s time we work together support one another and build for our generation that is coming, for us to change we have to start the change and for those who want to betrayal us don’t hate them but remand that that one person betrayal is a failure to a nation. Questions? (1) can’t we build? (2) Can’t we cook? (3) can’t we make stuff? (4) can’t we clean? (5) can’t we live dissent lives? (6) can’t we be respectful? Here’s my answer . (1) We are doctors. (2) we are nurses. (3) we are judges. (4) we are policeman (5) we are soldiers. (6) we are directors. (7) we are CEO’s. (8) we are pilots. (9) we are laborers. (10) we are contractors. (11) we are mail dispatchers. (12) we are taxi drivers. (13) we are bus drivers. (14)we are heroes. Everything we do for others get rich richer and be the richest people, while we remain poor poorer and poorest.

Black Africans get the same treatment as White people in Africa, what's the deal.

Like the ones that I was speaking on the discussion to the dialogue of what we do to make a difference in the world. And the way we do it.

Ok why do u say jesus is a lier an not got but u quote his words for your own god.if jesus is a lier well how is it his words are true when u want to qoute the bible.just use the koron.

They say the Bible is about 30% of it is about the past and 70% is about the future....??

Look at. The West Coast

People is not blind witnessing.all in front our eyes.

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We must do for self or suffer the consequences. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2739716319597216

Same like everyone on that panel is begging that white man for something we should be doing our damn self. Do we need to get there okay on everything.

We are the biggest economy in the world when it come to consuming. So why are you asking white folks for anything, We got it all.

We need to stop begging for crumbs and take what's ours. Everyone else is getting there do.

What did MLK say about moderate Democratic politicians. He was more concerned about moderate Democratic politicians because they will reel you in with a progressive platform during the primary and then move towards the middle during the general election and once elected move to the right center to appease the White working class totally ignoring strong policies that would uplift black people. We will see what Biden does because he and Obama are moderate Democrats and we know what Obama did for the black community.

I would like to see Louise Farrakhan run a country like the United States,he’ll lead it just like trump a dictatorship.

Stop crying for jobs when u can create them. Stop crying for justice when u can utilize the laws against crimes of unjust.

Not 1 economic plan discussed. They are suppose to be some leaders. Add up what they are Currently doing for our economic justice. Not 1 dime was discussed. This is old timey foolishness. We need our generational wealth/ reparations.

Man I would love to see this video of leaders in it's entirety.. Interested in hearing what each one of them has to say.. These are the ones who should be the spearheads of our marches because with this kind of leadership the protesters will galvanize behind.. The burning and looting would stop and we would be able to make better progress.. The current movement doesn't have a leader.. It's just out there marching and being infiltrated by anarchist who are putting a different light on the message.. It's being controlled by political groups that have no intention of making things better..

We need our own political super pack first and foremost. This system is based on lobbying which mens financial backing of a candidate. No political party cares about a people until the put their money where they mouth is. Until we do that and stop Gucci worshiping, Fendi worshiping, Cadillac worshiping, Louis Vuitton worshiping, we stop being the tail and become the head. You can't pray up on your political process and hope for the best. Obama could have at least spewed that to his people, but he can't because he us q puppet.

Learning cannot be forced or lessons cannot be forced into the mind of a believer. To be fair comes with lots of learning.

It is shameful that there are people of color that do not know when to open there mouth. If I take about you and put you down all the time and I don’t look 👀 like you, and then you open your mouth and put down some one that look like you anything you say for than on who do you think will ever listen. There are times it is best to keep your mouth shut. Don’t you all know that. Ever one on that stage is a real joke 😡

The Black Soldier, long live him and Allah Guidance be with him

One a my ting is How you Gunn sey justice or else With a line fulla bodyguards But da younger ones dem don’t have no bodyguards And we are the minority So how is that a good strategy?

I understand but I don't know colors of people I see good or evil.

All those people in that panel are in it for themselves!’

You know he going to tell it like it is the true

Y’all need to see this


Exactly, America has never done anything on its own accord, she's lazy like that. She must be pushed!

Yet in 8 years nothing happened...🥴 even trump did more for black people and look at that 🤡.... dude preaching yet votes the 2 party system... what ignorance...”applaud”

Check em farrakhan.!!!!!!!!!!!!

An legeary speak.

The ‘WHITE’ ‘HOUSE’........ that STATEMENT in itself was legendary.......I LOVE MY BROTHER FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR US💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

Wait a minute!!! How long


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Ask your government to open up the files. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2739369652965216

Speak Minister Farrakhan, tell it like it IS! The rest, let them dwell in it and die in it! It was a governmental operation! It blk ppl operated in that manner because of misunderstandings, and putting others personal biz out, and that’s all it was. There would be lots of bodies laying around with that judgment on their mouth! Speak on Minister it’s your calling, All Praises!

U all kill Our brother Malcolm Shabazz , But gave Iman Wallace D a pass for what he did to the nation and to his father personally . What hypocrites . Even Wallace Muhammad change the name of the temple # 7 New York City to Malcolm Shabazz El - Hajj . Not Elijah Muhammad Masjid get it

It was not all the grovement , it was us too , killing each other in the name of God ,Allah . We have the right to disagree and change our minds without being killed by our family members.


Only Jesus Christ can bring peace and salvation. John 3:16

Malcolm he do best in Islam he flow the footsteps of he's four father's

F.that..stay focuse on the target..kkk and the OVERDOSE.drugs...until that is fix..shit still gonna be the same..get to main idea of the problem..and that go for any leaders and president etc.. Period. Well what are y'all talking about.anybody can read and watch the news media..vamp..

Everyone knows you had something to do with it. You were working with the feds

666go touknowwhere

Liars Liars what happened to about lies

Governmental know


He is the biggest reason why malcolm isn't hear with us anymore and he is a enormous coward and he doesn't need bodyguards walking around with him and he needs to admit where he is wrong

One of yall did it


The same thing that happened to Malcolm happened to Khalid Muhammad. Ask Farrakhan why would the fbi say anything about the assassination of Malcolm when the cia was there assisting Farrakhan

He had 1 wife that the laws allows and few young the way Netflix has a great episodes about the assassination of Malcolm X and how Elijah wanted his gone....of course Edgar Hoover was guilty of the same crime...

Confront your accuser

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What does “Justice or Else” mean? ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2739033149665533


Thank you Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan well spoken powerful words of wisdom love it!

Love this man.

I know this is old..time change but it remains the same..

All praise is due to Allah.

Love you Minster Farrakhan keep teaching brother keep teaching

Destiny Jones

Let's all get on board and boycott Christmas.

Here’s a little secret for I don’t go to Black Friday sales never have never will you’re behind times


Justice for Malcolm's Xs family. He had him assessanated after he came back from MECCA. In a Church too. He didn't get rich selling bean 🥧 s.

Gods are ppld ,This was our idenity bbefore the Anatomony of the body,when the womb was discovered,we became womb man,,,woman and man,, g,The word God means Generator Operator,Destroyer,,


Black ??? Shit TONE

He speaks truth

Over six thousand views but only 22 comments? What's going on?


Fraternity Orders Member-ship don't care about it dealing in sex trafficking an dope

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Do not be deceived. Abraham Lincoln did NOT desire to abolish slavery. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2738494139719434

I say those words often, and very often! Thank you Honorable Farrakhan

Some people dont know the truth because the past that happen to others define them

Jesus was walking on the earth teaching and never mentioned about the land laws and how it can work. He only talked about love because it's a choice. Education is about learning and make a good choices in life.

Louie has the nerve to talk about someone when he supported the assassination of MALCOLM X because he wanted Malcolm's position in the Nation. Malcolm was killed in front of his wife and children. He was killed for telling the truth about elijah muhammad having affairs with his teenage secretaries. I have no need to listen to a CLOWN like Louie. 😡🤮😡

if it wasnt what he wanted , why write in then. twisting words again. god is watching you.

Fredrick Douglass did what was Right because every African American had

You speak some true but you read some of the facts behind black people chose to be slayed and just like you said if you read the Bible or the Quran if a slave want to stay with his master he got to stay slayed for the rest of his life and you said it better than I did you chose to be a slave nobody force that on you that's the part that you left out read your Bible on your Quran

The idea was not to free the slaves. Lincoln’s #1 job that the global financiers wanted was to keep the union together because they wanted the power to tax and therefor control them. Freeing the slaves came later when the north was losing the war. They changed course and were able to free the slaves but as they freed the slaves physically, they installed the national banking act which was basically enslaving all people to the global financiers. Lincoln thought that he would institute the greenbacks but that only got him a bullet to the head.

We or all slaves to those in power of all races

The union couldn’t compete and make no money with the free labor of slaves the south had

My question is if Lincoln could have preserved the union by letting the south keep slaves, which is what the south wanted. Than why didn’t he just do that? And fought a civil war instead? Where is this quote coming from and is it actually factual?

Wow what a lie, Republicans not Democrats were the ones that knew freedom was meant for everyone, Democrats fought hard against that, they didn’t want to give up their slaves I guess.

Slavery is legal today,, it’s called prison and always was.

It, really didn't matter to Lincoln, if We were freed or not, So he's no hero to me just another dam YT demon !! 👿

I don't like how he said brother malcolm knowing what they did to him

Thank you Sir for speaking the truth Thank you November 3,Vote we need a change

It’s like in the Bible everybody’s words can be twisted to fit your own agenda so stop lying already everybody twisted the words to fit whatever they want them to fit and To for the young people that are growing up so stop lying Preacher

White people likes to see devidsion among us black people I believe they set a up for us to think he wanted malcolm x dead he does not spead hate he tells the truth and tells you to look it up for your self

I can't figure out why they got you speaking where were you at it's totally insane

Every race and greed has been a slave at one point in history blacks had black slaves the Irish and Scottish slaves were cheaper then the African slaves people wake up racism is a tool to divide us

Some people delight in living in the past , they refuse to accept things has they are . Must be a miserable existence

I know you right because my grandma use to say that and she past in 1995 at 102 years old

Neither of you were ever slaves yet Hong up on slavery, if you truly want to do something about slavery go visit the Sudan or Libya . They Are still selling blacks on the market there.

DNA some of our African American/Native Indians decent and Asianic people have stack pertaining Economics of Natural Resources. And some whom weren't S

I will not converse with you , you just now demonstrated that by using bad language. I am so sorry for many of you because you have all being lied to and you all fell for it .

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The Scourge Of Biological And Chemical Weapons In America. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2738212223080959

The LACK Of knowledge will hurt you in the END know your purpose in life unless you are mentally novice

Justice Or Else Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan it time for a Change Enough is Enoughthis been going on to long !

I been offered drugs before all said was no thank you. Don’t be a cry baby playing victim

From Think Tank#77 W let coke in I got you maggots all the lives they wrecked

Enough is Enough. Talking about a dictator who beat Libya. Praising him,oh no


You forgot about popa Bush.

I love Louis Farrakhan he always speaks the truth

Straight talking man......

And so did you tell the truth

Tell it like you see it.. good job

Truth fact Amen Minster Farrakhan

I agree with what he said I saw this with my own eyes in my opinion only really during nothing to vote for does nothing for black people in my life we don't need a big pie poor certain peoples to enjoy it and we ends up with the crumbs

They "who ever" made you do it, if I told you to put a gun to your head pull the trigger would you do it. No! take Responsibility for what you do .

Chuma Mabi Mandela eliXhego

EarlandAshley Reed



Crazy man lying again

Ashley Samoa


Not to mention push into the Nubian, Nagar-u,B lack communities.

You definitely smoke crack

Seeking Truth to Power Facts Peace my Brother.

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"President Trump’s priority is getting reelected, not the safety of the American people, as he pushes for a Covid-19 vaccine before November elections. Polls show millions of Americans are skeptical and wary of the drive to do in nine months what could usually take 10-15 years.

But, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has delivered a clear, direct, bold warning: “Don’t take their vaccine.” The history of medical abuses and deadly acts against Black people demand Blacks convene their own experts, seek alternative treatments from around globe and the U.S. must drop its unjust embargo to allow Cuban doctors to help save lives.

Read his powerful warning, starting on page 20, and read other articles about why the president and government cannot be trusted on pages 2 and 3."

Learn more and subscribe at
... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook "President Trump’s...

not going to happen this president is pushing the vaccine like he has the cure for cancer anything this president and his administration should be questioned. his track record is consistent with Satan's goal. so keep ur vaccine. I remember Tuskegee how black ppl was subjected to dangerous medication and so many other experiments that white folk done to ppl of color.

I agree with Farrakhan here... you think back to the Tuskegee experiments and you realize that trusting your government is probably not in your best interests.

A white nurse told me not to take the vaccine she said that she's going to tear her pastor to say that she is gifted because of her religion


Thank you Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan I'm not going to take the Vacine I thank God for a powerful man like you love you and Nation of Islam!

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Police brutality in America may be new to social media, but for Black people it very old... ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2737227916512723

Amen Tell The Truth Enough is Enough Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Time for a Change!

The Lynch mob within a system that's in the system!!!

a righteous vision 💡😕

Amen AMEN Thank You God!

God’s 2nd Self 👸🏾 ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Comment on Facebook 2737074426528072


Nonsense, God is god and man is man ,the first thing God created was the woman wisdom proverbs 8:22 .

KD Manning Beverly Island MzTrina Mack Danyl Bell Sebrena Manning Tara Banks Aric Brown

His comment in R/L to a woman, I firmly agree!


Black men is the one who call us bitches that why I remind them they have a mother that they came from not a man.

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Do true thank you

The Mother of us all.

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MUST WATCH: President #Trump wants to be a king and is operating like a #thug. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Tell the truth Minister Louis Farrakhan love it

The Million Man March: Nothing But Peace After Farrakhan Speaks ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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